Sthira Yoga

Yoga center,Infrared Sauna, Massage, Workshops & Events

Yogastudio on Oostenburg on the edge of Amsterdam East and Centre.

We offer complete treatment for Body & Mind with Infrared Sauna and Massage. Showers & tea available.

Sthira stands for steadiness: A stable and strong base for practicing Yoga. We are building plans and dreams and we love to have you with us.

Feel free to express yourself: Be fearlessly authentic.

Our Classes

Fire up your practice: Join the fire classes to build up heat and strength in your body. Working on core, reaching for the limit and push a little further. Follow your way towards a peakpose and explore the kramas/ steps of the vinyasa with this fire element:
Vinyasa Flow, Core Flow, Dirty Detox, Pentjak Silat
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Join our grounding earth classes and sink deep into a meditative state. Follow the breath to calm the busy monkey mind and take a step back from your busy life. Your mind is in good hands. Soften, release and restore your body. We work our way slowly towards the earth and sink deep into our poses.

Aroma Gentle flow, Yin, and Restore & Storytelling, Yin and Sound healing, Yin & Bodyrolling
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Where we lighten the inner fire and Move fluent through your practice in fluent vinyasa and dance trough warriors. Dive deeper into your own meditative repetition of vinyasa:
Slow flow, Vinyasa Flow, Funky vinyasa, Lunch break yoga, Free flow Friday
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Here is time to breath. Join our Pranayama and meditation classes for slowing down the pace in your life. Get to know more about the yoga filosophy and explore the ways of breath through your body:
Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Restore & Storytelling, Core Power & Pranayama, Rest - Reset- Recharge
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Sthira Concepts & Yoga Events

Yoga basics on schools
- Dirty Detox
- Funky vinyasa
- Rest, Reset, Recharge
- Yin and Soundhealing
- Yin & Bodyrolling
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Infra red Sauna

Feel the warmth and relaxation of the intense infrared cabin.
Take this full spectrum treatment to serve the joints, muscles and treat injuries.

Every part of the body will benefit. Try it out and experience the best result after 30 minutes. Very suitable for people who suffer from Artrose, Artritis, Fibromyalgie and Reuma
For unlimited members 1 visit a week is included. 30 minutes a day is recommended.

You can choose for you-time or enjoy the red treatment together. Use of towel is required.

Onefit & class pass pay 7,50 per session.

Offers & Memberships


First time
55 One month try-out
  • Access to all classes
  • 4x The Red Treatment
  • Free use of showers
no strings

One free class

Click on button
0 One time for free
  • Access to all classes
  • Please leave us a review after?
  • Free use of showers 


Best Choice
65 per month
  • Access to all classes
  • 4x infrared sauna
  • Free use of showers

Workshops & Events

Power up your Core
More info soon!

May 2020
Teacher: Marlene Henny
more info soon!

Sthira Open Space

Room Asanam
110 m2
Kitchen + toilet
20 - 40 people
Akoestic piano available
Sound proof
Room Sukham
50 m2
Kitchen + toilet
max 18 people
Sound (next to massage salon)

Sthira Lounge
30 m2
Showers + toilet + infra red sauna
10 people
Sound proof

Sthira open space

We love to share our knowledge, but also yours. Do you want to teach a class, a workshop, organise a gathering, dance manifest or just want to book a space for your meeting in a different environment?

we have open space available! Got inspired by our spaces? Get in contact.
open space

What Our happy Customers say


CAUTION! Lots of construction going on in this area. So want to find us the nice way? Take the route around the building. 1 extra minute, but peaceful and avoiding the hassle of construction. 


We noticed we are difficult to find:

Check out the big glass building INIT on the Jacob Bontiusplaats. We are on the outside of the building, ground floor. Right across Amsterdam Roest. So walk around the building and you will find us: We have THE BEST view!

Public transport: Tram 7, bus 22

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 07:30 – 22:00

Saturday 09:00 – 22:00

Sunday 09:00 – 22:00

Oostenburgermiddenstraat 212 -214
1018LL Amsterdam
KVK: 73912387
BTW nr: NL859707568B01

Check the agenda of Yoga International:

Soon more info about YI & Sthira Yoga!

Pics credit on this website: Nadine Guss


Please get in contact if you want more information about our packages. 

If you have any questions or want to leave a message please type your message here en we will respond soon.