Sthira Concepts

2021 - Stay tuned

Unfortunately our studio is closed down permanently since november 2020 due to the current crisis we are in. 

But we would not be called Sthira if that would keep us from grounding, growing and shining! 

Sthira concepts will come with new pop-up actions in 2021, without our beautiful studio but with the same creativity and authenticity. 

Sthira stands for steadiness: A stable and strong base for practicing Yoga, Pentjak Silat, dance, music and art to share.

Feel free to express yourself: Be fearlessly authentic.


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Sthira Concepts

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Our dream in Oostenburg is over -
but we will never stop dreaming!

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Ibiza, Spain
KVK: 73912387
BTW nr: NL859707568B01


Pics credit on this website: Nadine Guss


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